Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mullahs' Miserable Failure

According to a confidential poll in Iran, 69% of the Iranians do not recognize the nuclear issue a matter of national aspiration and 86% do not believe that nuclear technology is worth a military conflict. While 98% of those polled believe that the nuclear standoff will utlimately lead to some sort of military conflict between Iran and the US and a scenario similar to Iraq, only 28% of the people expressed concern or worries about such conflict. Moreover, about 94% of ethinc Arabs in Khuzestan province and about 91% of Kurds do not consider the nuclear standoff a matter of major concern. Finally, only 11% of those polled believe that the populist Ahamadinejad is capable of solving their economic problems.

With the miserable failure of mullahs' nuclear diplomacy it appears that the mullahs are heading for either a humiliating concession or a conflict. This poll shows that the mullahs have also failed miserably at tying the nuclear standoff to nationalistic sentiments and nationalization of the oil industry in the 1950's.
This is an important poll, spread the word.