Thursday, March 10, 2005

Preview Dr. Corsi's: Iran Freedom Foundation website

Dr. Jerome Corsi, co-author of the best selling book, "Unfit for Command," has recently set his sites on the Islamic Republic of Iran and their influence on American politicians.

His new book, Atomic Iran is set to be released March 22nd. The book has already presold 150,000 copies and plans are in the works for a TV documentary based on the book. Amazon's description of the book is:
In ATOMIC IRAN, Jerome Corsi, co-author of the best-selling UNFIT FOR COMMAND, uncovers the true intentions and practices of the Iranian regime and gives light to the aid and comfort being supplied by some key U.S. politicians. Uncovered is a web of pro-Iranian financiers who make significant campaign contributions to political leaders who affect U.S. trade policy towards Iran and are able to work at normalizing diplomatic relations, thereby legitimizing the rogue republic. This poses an immediate security threat to the United States. It allows the regime to take advantage of relaxations in the Patriot Act to begin importing terrorists under the disguise of diplomatic personnel. ...

ATOMIC IRAN is a wake-up call to Americans. It is a call to pay attention to the growing crisis with Iran and to hold U.S. politicians accountable for their relationships with and efforts on behalf of the Iranian regime. By understanding the events that led to Iran's arrival at the verge of nuclear statehood, the intentions of the mullahs, their connection with American politicians, and the severe repercussions to be suffered from allowing the regime to proceed with its plans, readers of ATOMIC IRAN will be equipped to take the debate to their local communities and to the officials they have entrusted with their safety and security.
The book is also being translated into Farsi for distribution in Iran.

But Dr. Corsi has still bigger plans. He is also about to launch his Iran Freedom Foundation. The foundation has already generated attention. Dr. Corsi has been approached by Newsweek, the New York Daily News and the Heritage Foundation. Dr. Corsi is scheduled to appear on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes on March 21 to discuss the foundation.

Dr. Corsi is permitting our readers a preview at his foundation's website (scheduled to launch March 16th).

The Iran Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization established to educate the public about the Islamic Republic of Iran and to promote freedom in the region.

Dr. Corsi plans to use his experience gained in working with the media in the 2004 Presidential Campaign to generate major media exposure to educate both American and Iranians regarding our need to support freedom and real democracy in Iran and the price we will all pay if we don't.

The website includes news, position papers, their plan of action with time lines, and plans to launch an addition campaign called the Iran Accountability Project.

I expect we will be working closely with Dr. Corsi in the coming months.