Saturday, April 09, 2005

Iran's President Denies Meeting Israeli President

Islamic Republic News Agency:
President Mohammad Khatami here on Friday strongly denied Israeli media allegations that he had met with Israel's president Moshe Katzav during funeral procession for the World Catholic Church Leader Pope John Paul II in Vatican.

Upon return home, Khatami said, "These allegations are false like other allegations made by Israeli media and I have not had any meeting with any one from Zionist Regime."

Israeli media reported Friday that during the Pope's funeral ceremony, Khatami held brief talks with Katzav.

Pointing to Iran's stances toward Zionist Regime, Khatami said, "As reiterated many times, we do not both morally and logically recognize Israel which was created based on force and usurpation." Khatami said that recognizing Israel means that occupation and force are rooted in legitimacy, adding "To me, recognizing the existence of the state of Israel would be an injustice to humankind. READ MORE

"And if it is approved that presence and existence of the people by force and occupation are legitimate, then humanity would suffer." "We do not meddle in efforts for peace but hope that world would know why all peace-making plans have been unsuccessful; Doesn't that point to wrong nature of the peace plans?" asked Khatami. ...

On presence of Iran's high-ranking delegation in Pope's funeral ceremony, Khatami said the Pope was a spiritual personality in the world and was a harbinger of morality and spirituality, adding Pope always stressed peace, co-existence and campaign against the materialistic and spiritually destructive factors affecting life.