Sunday, April 17, 2005

Violent clashes rock Oil rich Khoozestan province

Violent clashes rocked, today, the southern City of Ahwaz located in the oil rich Khoozestan province.

Hundreds of residents clashed with Islamic regime forces who used rubber bullets, tear gas and clubs in order to avoid the spread of riots generated in several areas of the city, such as, Kian and Khashayar districts.

Dozens have been injured or arrested by the regime forces. Several banks and public buildings, such as, Law Enforcement stations have been damaged by incendiary devices.

The situation is very tense and most accesses to different areas have been closed by the security forces deployed massively in the city.

The riots started following the rumor that the Islamic regime is intending to diminish the social impact of residents of Arab origin who are living in the area.

Few independentists tried to transform these rallies in their favor but their calls were ignored by residents as most Iranian Arabs believe strongly in the territorial integrity of Iran. Most of them fought Saddam forces during Iran-Iraq war of 1980-87.

Sources are confirming that the rumor was spread by the Islamic regime's intelligence in order to fuel racism and to create a general situation making fear to Iranians on possibility of a split of the country in case of the overthrown of the Islamic State.

The regime's leadership is hoping to create a situation rallying Iranians behind the candidacy of Hashemi Rafsanjani in the upcoming Presidential elections. READ MORE
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