Tuesday, May 03, 2005

EU3 Warns Of 'Managed Crisis' Over Iran Ambitions

The Financial Times reports that the EU3 need to manage the recent crisis with Iran over its threat to resume its uranium enrichment:
"Both sides now suggest that for Iran and Europe to manage such a crisis and keep the process alive represents the stiffest challenge in the 18-month- old talks. A "managed crisis" would amount to a suspension in talks where both sides expect a resumption in the autumn but where, without resumption, some kind of escalation including perhaps a United Nations Security Council referral or even US-Israeli strikes becomes more likely later in the year. ...
The EU3 are saying:

We said we would continue to examine Iran's suggestions but we could not treat them as the basis for working towards an agreement, because we couldn't put the end-game first,” said the European diplomat.
Iran's response:
“I'd say it was 99 percent likely Iran will restart [some activity],” said an Iranian diplomat close to the talks. “We have decided it cannot go on like this any more.”