Friday, May 27, 2005

International Solidarity for Iranian Struggle

Shaheen Fatemi, Iran va Jahan:
Coupling of shared values creates community of interests. In electronics the term coupling means transfer of energy from one circuit to another. In the realm of human affairs it is also possible to transfer constructive energy from one circuit or network to another. With the increasing contact between the Iranian democrats and their international counterparts, a new and welcome page seems to have been opened in the continued struggle of the Iranian people against the oppressive regime in Tehran.

While in the past there has been a disconnect between the Iranian democrats struggling against the regime and their foreign counterparts, there are increasing signs of better international linkages with individuals and organization interested in advancing the cause of liberty and human rights. The recent meeting in Amman Jordan and the forthcoming conference sponsored by the Liberal Party of Sweden are examples of this new and welcome trend. READ MORE

Traditionally, the international community has listed its grievances against the Islamic regime in the following order:

The nuclear issue: The world is worried about Iran’s possible WMD program. In spite of EU-3 illusions and delusions, efforts in appeasing the current Iranian regime will not bear any fruit. These efforts are doomed to failure because they are based on short-term, opportunistic economic goals pursued by the Europeans and not genuine search for a lasting solution to a serious problem. The EU-3 are experienced enough to know that those who have lied and cheated in the past are not about to change their spots. The free world can not and should not take a chance by letting the Islamic regime get its hands on weapons of mass destruction.

Support for Terrorism in the Region and World-Wide: This year’s State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism refers to Iran as “the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2004.” In addition to material and moral support that the Iranian regime has been providing for the Hezbollah and other terrorist groups in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, there is ample evidence pointing to their interference in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Afghanistan. The global war against terrorism can hardly ignore one of the major contributors to this dreadful enterprise.

Interference with the Peace Process: Opposition to a peaceful settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict has been a major foreign policy objective of the current regime in Iran. It will spare no effort in trying to interfere with this process and contribute to its defeat. As long as this regime is in power, and it continues supporting terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hammas, Jihad and others, prospects for successful negotiations and a peaceful outcome are not being helped

Violation of Human Rights: The record of the current regime regarding continued violations of human rights in Iran has been condemned by every international and human rights organization in the world. Women, ethnic and religious minorities have been the primary victims of this brutal regime. This element in the list of grievances by the West against the IRI is often mentioned last.

While in the order of importance for non-Iranians violation of human rights may not rank on the top, for the Iranian people, there is no doubt that full compliance and observance of basic rights of Iranian citizens should top the list. One can effectively argue that if this principle was not violated by the present regime, the other issues would not arise. Putting it differently, in democratic societies governments can not become ‘outlaws’ and survive for long. The best and the most effective guarantee that the west can ask for you is only possible when Iran becomes an open democracy with checks and balances over the executive power which is only possible when people become masters of their own destiny. And that happens only when sovereignty is restored to the people.