Friday, May 27, 2005

Iranian secularists oppose Islamic regime's ballot boxes in US

SMCCDI (Information Service):
A group of Iranian secularist activists have protested against the illegal holding of Islamic regime's ballot boxes on the US soil. Copies of a joint letter, endorsed by Roxanne Gangi of IRIC, Roozbeh Farahanipoor of Marzeporgohar organization and Aryo B. Pirouznia of SMCCDI, have been sent to the US State Department, President Bush's Office, the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. READ MORE

Legitimate concerns are existing among members of the Iranian Diaspora and well aware Americans on the possible consequences of any type of free move granted to agents of a regime notorious for its sponsorship of terrorism and the murder of Iranian dissidents.

The text of this joint letter, dated May 26, 2005, is as follow:

" We have learned that the Clerical regime in Iran is planning to set up “Voting Stations” for their upcoming Presidential Elections in different locations throughout the United States. There is currently no diplomatic relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Officials of the Islamic Republic in New York, at the United Nations and in Washington DC (at Iran’s Interest Section in the embassy of Pakistan) are prohibited to travel beyond a certain limited area (in New York no more than 12 miles and in Washington not past 25 miles of their offices). According to the Islamic Republic’s laws any ballot box has to be monitored by an IRI official representative. Therefore it is both against the United States regulations and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws for any such voting stations to be set up throughout the United States.

Four years ago in Los Angeles such voting stations were set up in different hotels where certain IRI representatives had reserved meeting rooms under false pretences. At that time Iranian democratic opposition groups in Los Angeles tracked down those venues and with the help of responsible officials at those locations and the LAPD were able to shut-down all those illegal "voting stations" down.

Now we are contacting you in advance to seek your assistance in stopping this illegal activity once we are notified of their exact locations. That diehard terrorist regime will not stop the spread of its anti-American brand of Islamic Fundamentalism throughout the world. The Islamic Republic has recruited, trained, funded, harbored and provided safe-haven for terrorists and terrorist organizations in the past 26 years and continues to do so today. The United States and the free world must stand united against the theocratic mullahs and their terrorist mercenaries and support the movement of Iranians for the establishment of a democratic, free and secular government. "

The three endorsers participated, as well last Sunday, in an NITV special panel in order to request from Iranians to boycott the upcoming sham elections and to create groups in order to close any Islamic regime's ballot boxes in US and Europe. The program widely seen was broadcasted worldwide and many callers, especially from Iran, declared their support and firm intention to transform the June 17th so-called elections into another fiasco for the Islamic regime.

It's to note that SMCCDI had a recognized key role in the organization of the massive boycott of last Islamic republic's Presidential elections and the closure of its ballot boxes in US and some European cities. Several news agencies, such as Reuters, reported the campaign, held four years ago, and the regime's debacle.