Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shahab-4? Never heard of it... Well, we have...

Dr. Demarche, a member of the State Department Republican Underground, reviews Europes failure to look honestly at Iran. When referring to Germany he says:
For all its tolerance and cosmopolitanism, Berlin is broke. Its citizens are poor, and it has an unemployment rate of more than 20 percent, far higher than any major city in western Germany.

So what is a technologically advanced but penniless country to do? Why, sell equipment that may be used to manufacture long range ballistic missiles to Iran, of course.

The export of a German special-purpose crane to Teheran is turning into a political headache for the German government. Officials are scrambling to stop a ship carrying a high-tech crane they believe Iran's leaders want to use in a missile production program that has raised deep concern in Israel, the US and Europe. They may be too late.
The good Doctor also points out, this is not an isloated problem:
Even the Belgians are getting into the act- check out this post at the Export Control Blog about the sale of an isostatic press (possible uses include the compacting of nuclear material) to, you guessed it, Iran.