Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bomb blast occurs in Iran's southeastern city Zahedan

A bomb exploded in Iran's southeastern city of Zahedan on Wednesday evening, injuring three people, the official IRNA news agency reported. READ MORE

The explosion took place at 19:50 local time (15:20 GMT) in a fast food restaurant in Zahedan, capital city of Sistan-Baluchesta province bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, IRNA said.

An anonymous provincial official was quoted as saying that the bombing indicates hostility of "anti-revolution elements against innocent people."

"These elements want to prevent people from participating in the upcoming presidential election," the official added.

On Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, Zahedan also witnessed two bomb explosions, injuring several people according to official claims.

Iran, facing its ninth presidential elections on Friday, has witnessed 10 explosions within five days.

Four bombs went off consecutively within two hours Sunday morning in Ahvaz, capital city of the oil-rich Khuzestan province bordering Iraq, killing eight and injuring scores.

Several hours later, three explosions, also caused by bombs, took place one after another in Tehran. One of them hit a traffic juncture in the eastern part of central Tehran and claimed two lives and wounded three.