Thursday, June 16, 2005

Iranian Blogger: Election Eve

Mr. Behi, The Adverntures of Behi:
Tonight, I was talking to Mrs. Behi about the decision we shall make for the election tomorrow; voting or not voting. We have been dubious about this since the start of the election campaigns we have been always having a good will for the reformists but still are not convinced about their capability to keep their promise in getting the non-elected parts of the country under control. This is a dream! We both thought. Then we decided to figure out why we like and why we dislike voting and what will happen if we do not vote as the other option (what will happen) is not very clear.

If I boycott, how shall I defend it? Well, I hate to see the leader to come to his balcony decorated with that ugly blue color and announces proudly "our beloved youth have voted for the Islamic republic and it's leadership and nailed the United states and enemies of the nations" and his supporters hooray. I cannot let that happen in my name. I may boycott because I no longer care what happens to the Islamic republic. READ MORE

Some friends say, let them get a president that fits them. Khatami was too educated for such people who think they are wiser than the entire nation. I shall boycott because there is rumor that Moeen has no chance so why I spend my vote to give credibility to this election? What happens if I boycott? Nothing, shall welcome Hashemi with his corrupted past who is hand in hand with the leader and is hard to question or to Qalibaf who is waiting with his military friends to deviate our days from normal, or for Larijani with the sniffing old clerics backing him. Will the Islamic republic wipe out if I boycott? Sure No so what?

Voting for Moeein, what do you think? I like the idea of reform and pressuring the totalitarian system from inside is one way of bringing change although it has been a very slow move in the last eight years. Preventing Hashemi from winning is by itself a very good reason. I cannot stand on this nightmare of seeing him as a president for four years. And if Moeen wins? We shall see how he can keep his promise but he is by far very different from other candidates and is best fit for my ideas and I see him honest. Mr.Behi is convinced and will vote for Moeen. Cheers for better days.
Even reformists are struggling with whether or not to vote. Mr. Behi decided to vote of Moeen.