Saturday, June 18, 2005

Iranian Candidate Speaks Of 'Organized Interference' in Elections

BBC Monitoring Service, Monsters and Critics:
Excerpt from statement issued by reformist candidate Mostafa Mo'in after the announcement of the results of the first round of the Iranian presidential elections, reported by Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) web site

[Passage omitted] Knowing Iranian nation!

Now the election results have been announced. Despite the warnings that were given by the honourable president and the honourable Interior Ministry, as well as by political parties and groups, a particular, organized inclination targeted the soundness of these elections. In the final days before the elections, suddenly, a powerful will entered the arena bent on the victory of a particular candidate and the elimination of the other candidates and opened the way to the organization of some military bodies and the support of the election supervisory apparatus, so that the self-evident rights of the other candidates could be targeted. Today, anyone can clearly see the effect of this organized interference on the election results.

I declare that what happened was an extra-legal move to deprive one candidate of his right and to pull up another candidate.

I declare that with this move, the warning bell has sounded for our fledgling democracy.

Let us be vigilant, for these kinds of complicated, creeping efforts will ultimately lead to militarism, authoritarianism and narrow-mindedness in this country. This trend is a threat to civil society and an impediment to the path of reform. READ MORE

Honourable people of Iran!

We must take seriously the danger of fascism and the disappearance of the role of the people and the danger of the elimination of republicanism under any name or organization. I warn that moves of this kind have henceforth brought into question not just the structure of free and fair elections but also their soundness. We must believe that this structural deviation is far more harmful than the danger of offences, cheating and problems in elections.

I warn that this organized military and supervisory interference in the elections has consequences beyond the violation of the rights of people who voted for me and the likes of me. I declare that this is a threat to the people's choice and free elections, and, even more, a threat to Iran's national interests and to the elevation of the system of the Islamic Republic.

Those who, instead of relying on the democratic power of the people in these elections, relied on the organization of a paramilitary [body] and the use of a partisan and extensive supervisory network and who provided a pretext to the true enemies of democracy in Iran and the world, are the ones who are answerable for this.

Throughout this period, thanks be to God, I have benefited from an explosion of human sentiments throughout the country. From now on, too, I shall rely on these two [God and the nation] and will speak to you, the people, again.

"[Fighting is prescribed for you and ye dislike it.] But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you. And that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth and ye know not." (Baqarah, 216 [Verse from the Koran])

Your humble servant

Dr Mostafa Mo'in

84.3.28 [18 June 2005]

Source: Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), Tehran, in Persian 1627 gmt 18 Jun 05

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This just the beginning of the challenges to the legitimacy of the elections. In the next few days we can expect a chorus of similar statements, both inside and outside of Iran. Next Friday when the runoff election is being held we need to see the international journalist having the freedom to travel and report from whereever they choose inorder to get a true and clear picture of the election and its turnout.