Friday, June 17, 2005

Iranian Polling Station in LA Shut Down

I just heard from Iman Foroutan, of, that the Iranian polling station in Los Angeles, CA was shut down. Prior to its closure, Aryo Pirouznia, of SMCCDI, and an unnamed women were pepper sprayed by security personnel guarding the polling station. The woman required medical attention and was taken to a local hospital.

I have heard of other agressive measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran's personnel in other cities today. A more complete briefing on today's efforts will be posted later.

Update: An associate sent me the following report:
A group of Iranian Americans composed of TV journalists and political activist who had gathered in front of the Commerce Plaza Hotel (Los Angeles suburb) to protest and report the conduction of the sham Iranian presidential elections were assaulted by the hotel security on the command of IRI thugs in US.

According to Ms. Dokhi Abdi; a political activist and Iranian satellite TV reporter and commentator in Los Angeles, upon the arrival of the group to the Commerce Plaza Hotel where the elections for the Iranian presidential election was being conducted, the group of 12 activists and journalists were intercepted by the hotel security and a valid Iranian passport was demanded from them in order to allow entry to the hotel.

Soon after several Iranians who were in charge of the event in the hotel were called to the scene; upon their determination that this group of 12 were Iranian dissidents as well as Iranian Americans who are against the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) the hotel security attacked the dissidents and journalists.

According to Ms. Abdi, the hotel security attacked Nasrin Mohammadi whose two of her brothers are political prisoners in Iran in Iran to confiscate her video camera as a result of this she fell from a platform.

Ms. Firozeh Ghafarpour (another TV journalists and political activist) started to protest this; she was then viciously attacked with pepper spray. At this point Ms. Dokhi Abdi told the security that she was a reporter and that she was there to report the event, upon stating this she was attacked and she was sprayed in the mouth. Several other individuals were beaten and hand cuffed.

As I write this the victims are being treated in a local hospital emergency room.