Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Comments Policy

I need to introduce and enforce a new comments policy on this blog.

I have permitted our readers to post their comment without much oversight.
I have tried to permit a wide variety of opinions to be represented here, including our comments section. For instance, we often see comments from supporters of the Islamic Republic attacking many of our posts. I have evidence that this is an organized effort from inside of Iran. You may have noticed that we typically have one Iranian reader online at all times. Since this blog is banned by Iranian ISP's you can surmise who they are. Nevertheless, I have not removed their comments nor banned them because our readers generally do a good job of refuting their arguments.

As long as we are debating ideas or the facts discussed in our posts it provides a service to us all. At times, some of our readers have pointed out weaknesses in the arguments of some of our posts or challenged the facts discussed. It has made this blog a better source of information.

Unfortunately, earlier today, the level of conversation has reached a new low and I feel a need to warn these readers that if they engage in rude, insulting, or profane language they will be banned from further posts here.

A good friend of mine suggested that I use the following example to illustrate what is permitted in our comments section and what is not.

He said that if you were in a cafe and were engaging in conversations with other patrons, there are certain limits to what can be said in such a public place. While you may engage in lively and spirited conversations, the use of slander, insults or profane language would require the management of the cafe to ask you to leave.

I think this rule makes sense and I will begin enforcing it henceforth.

Please feel free to continue to make comments on these posts, but please engage the ideas discussed and not attack the authors of these posts of your fellow readers.

Update: Anonymous posts may be deleted at any time by the DoctorZin.