Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Letter of Ganji's wife to the Head of the Iran's Judiciary

Your Excellency
Mr. Hashemi Shahroudi
Head of the Judiciary,

With respects and greetings

I am letting you know that Mr. Akbar Ganji is going through 45 days of hunger strike, today Monday July 25, 2005 and the claim that he has ended his hunger strike is an absolute lie. During the hunger strike his weight has reduced from 77kg to 52kg. He is being held in a condition much worse than prison in the twelfth floor of Milad hospital in a complete quarantine where he is forbidden to visit his lawyers and friends or to receive any telephone calls or newspapers. READ MORE

All of this is going on despite the fact that the officials of the prosecutor's office still continue to issue false statements following constant lies and broken promises by Mr. Saeed Mortazavi which he had made in several meetings and his lack of cooperation with the three-person committee.

Akbar Ganji has removed all his feeding tubes on the night of Saturday July 23, 2005 and even though he is in a very critical condition ever since, he has demanded to be returned to prison. In recent days, Kayhan daily has manufactured and published a scenario in which Mr. Akbar Ganji dies because of his hunger strike. Given that previous experience has proven that before the physical elimination of any writer or critic, Kayhan daily had set the stage, and given the other above-mentioned facts, we all have serious concerns about the security of Mr. Ganji’s life.

Mr. Shahroudi!

Mr. Ganji is going through critical moments struggling with death. You are the only person who can play an effective role in solving this problem by your fateful and effective mediation in this case, like in the case of bloggers and the case of the religious-nationalists.

Every Second is vital now, please help us and Ganji!

So we ask and implore of you to:

1. Take this case away from Mr. Mortazavi as soon as possible and handle it yourself.

2. To inform yourself about the grave condition of Mr. Ganji, please send your representative to the hospital and by Mr. Ganji's bed to report to you his observations regarding Ganji's critical condition.

3. Arrange for a visit of the three-person committee consisting of Mr. Saeed Hajjarian, Mr. Reza Tehrani and Mr. Issa Saharkhiz [to hospital], since these gentlemen convinced Ganji to receive feeding tubes after he was transported to the hospital. They are the ones who can convince him once again to accept receiving the feeding tubes in the present grave conditions.

Mr. Shahroudi!

From a legal stand point you are directly responsible for the conduct of the department under your command, so before it is too late stop the catastrophe from taking place, a moment's negligence will impose a high price on all parties involved.

Masoumeh Shafiei
Akbar Ganji's wife
July 25, 2005