Tuesday, September 06, 2005

China and Russia's dangerous game with the Mullahs

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi
According the German International Broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, yesterday the foreign minister of The Russian Federation announced that they were against the referral of the IRI's dossier to the United Nations' Security Council.

The German daily NEUE OSNABRUCKER ZEITUNG, in an article regarding this matter writes: "Putin only has his eyes on Oil and Arms deals, completely ignoring the dangers of a nuclear arms conflict in the region of the Middle East." The article continued: "Moscow and Beijing's defiance and resistance to the referral of this dangerous dossier to the United Nations Security Council, neutralizes all of the pressure from the 3 European countries - U.K, France and Germany. The Russians and the Chinese refusal is like an energy boost to the Mullahs. The new president, Ahmadinejad, though a fanatic, is not stupid; he knows that until the world powers in the United Nations are not united, he can continue playing cat and mouse games."