Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Kurdish people's animosity has nothing to do with foreign conspiracy!

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
The Attorney General of the regime, stationed in the province of Kurdistan, who only last week claimed that the arrested protestors of the recent clashes in the province "were nothing more than foreign-influenced agents who are collaborating with the other side of the borders," has been challenged in a statement released by the Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan.

In a segment of the statement, the Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan has warned against fallacious postures and stressed the necessity to avoid irrationalism and objectionable cover ups, especially in view of continued discrimination [against the Kurds], cruelty, inequality, lawlessness, despotism and the violation of the human rights of fellow Kurds; the statement also indicates that the judiciary and intelligence authorities, instead of making excuses and rationalizing the system's failures and neglect clearly culminating in the weaknesses and delinquency of the regime's authorities in grasping the legal rights and needs of the people, must make all efforts not to transfer the blame for the acrimony and animosity [toward the regime] on those across the borders; they must better understand the roots and underpinnings of the issues leading to protests and reasons for dissatisfaction of the people of Kurdistan.

This organization also warns that the arrest and illegal detention of journalists and political activists in the recent and continued uprisings in Kurdistan, better not be made to look like a "project designed by foreign conspirators".