Sunday, November 27, 2005

Statement regarding the installment of a Mullah to presidency of Tehran University

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
Committee for Iran’s free referendum

Saturday, November 26th is the day that Tehran University wept!


As you know, for the first time in the history of Tehran University, a cleric who does not even have a university education, has been chosen by the Ministry of education and training of Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, to govern this university. 58-year-old Abbass-Ali Amid-Zanjani was previously a member of the academic assembly of Islamic law of the Tehran University law school and was a lecturer on the subject. During the early days of the establishment of the Islamic regime in Iran, Amid-Zanjani supervised theCommittee to Quash in various sections of Tehran and many activists and freedom-fighters attest to his viciousness and brutality. Also during the third session of the Islamic Parliament’s Assembly* he was a member of the Parliament as well as a representative of its judiciary commission which is a branch of the Public Cultural Council. The suspension and closing of universities and schools during the 1980’s was among the duties of this very Public Cultural Council. READ MORE

Freedom-loving students and respected professors,

While the administration installed by the Supreme Leadership continues intensifying its policies and in doing so eliminates directors in order to protract further partisanship and favoritism, installing Amid-Zanjani to the post of the presidency of Tehran University is another classic move that has flabbergasted all academics, scholars, university and social activists; everyone agrees that this too is a part of the direction of controlling and suppressing the only refuge to rebel against injustice and despotism of the Supreme Leadership.

The Committee for Iran’s Free Referendum and the student assembly while condemning the conspiracy to occupy Tehran University by the dictators and oppressors, requests that all freedom-loving and humanistic students and professors to stand tall against this insult and effrontery to the sacred halls of knowledge and academia in order to thwart the fascist rule of the Supreme Leadership so that it cannot profane and violate the only sanctuary left for the defense of a free Iran.

Long Live Freedom and Liberty!

* The Islamic Parliament’s Assembly is now in it’s 7th session.