Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tehran University students protest and throw out the new Mullah president installed by Ahmadinejad

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
On Sunday morning, November 27th, Tehran University students gathered in front of the central library of the University to protest the cancellation of their classes and the installation of Mullah Amid-Zanjani to the presidency of their university. The students gathered at 10 A.M. just in time for the farewell ceremonies of the departing president of the University, Dr. Faradji-Dona and the introduction of Amid-Zanjani as his replacement.

The protestors began by reading statements from various student groups which first and foremost questioned and condemned the non-Democratic process of installing a University president. The protestors chanted slogans: “Resign, resign, installed presidentand We students would rather die than put up with such affliction; then they sang the anthem EY IRAN and other anthems that have become symbols of the anti-regime and nationalistic movement.

The students then stormed the doors of the main hall where the introduction ceremony was taking place. This lead to physical confrontation with the human chain of the vicious disciplinary and security guards who assaulted the student protestors.

When the professors began to exit the main hall, the students formed a tunnel-like row and let the professors pass through, all the while chanting: “Righteous professors we support you, we support you”, “Righteous professors, unity, unity”.

In this midst, Amid-Zanjani, surrounded by a 3-person-thick ring of security guards tried to leave the University but he was confronted with throngs of students who loudly chanted: “Installed president, resign, resign”; the protestors became further enraged at his arrogance and lack of consideration and gathering into large clusters, physically propelled Amid-Zanjani and his body guards, ejecting them out of the university. Several students grabbed at his turban (pictured) and pulled it off, leading to confrontations and clashes between the students and security forces.

More photos can be seen here.