Thursday, January 05, 2006

The regime sells donkey meat for beef

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi.
According to the Islamic regimes media, in recent months the regime has been selling donkey meat to people who thought were buying beef. Two of the larger wholesale meat distributors of Tehran who purchased all the donkeys of villages around Damovand are the source of this scam.

The mayors office and security forces of Tehran both confirmed this news and reported that thousands of people including most restaurants in the capital had been a victim of this fraud.

The newspaper KAYHAN, Khamnei's mouthpiece, printed the item, thanking God that at least the donkeys were slaughtered "Islamic style;" however the writers of the item did not specify as to how they knew of the method of slaughter. READ MORE

This is the first time that or such counterfeiting has been reported though the sale and distribution of rotten meats has been an ongoing occurrence since the late '90's where many cases of severe food-poisoning and other illnesses were reported. The State Livestock Affairs Logistics (SLAL) and the Government Trading Corporation (GTC) are the two main importers of meat in Iran. The private sector is not allowed to import. It is also known that the entire meat cartel, [including the above-mentioned companies that imported the rotten meat from Brazil and India] is run by the families of high-ranking Mullahs.