Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ahmad Khatami: Prime Minister of Denmark is Stupid

Mehran Riazaty, Iran Analyst:
IRNA Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Hojatoleslam Ahmad Khatami called on the cartoon protesters not to attack embassies. He added that "They should be deprived of the pretext; but undoubtedly, your anger and resentment should continue until their complete repentance."

Calling Danish Prime Minister "foolish," Khatami said, "The stupid Prime Minister of Denmark says it is worthy of enduring economic losses for the sake of freedom but on the other hand these individuals do not allow comments on the Holocaust myth in the west." READ MORE

Calling western approach towards such issues as human rights, freedom of expression and disarmament "contradictory", Khatami said, "On the one hand, they are preaching human rights and on the other hand, impudently desecrate holy prophet of Islam, thus insulting more than one billion Muslims."

Analyst Comment: Above statement by Ahmad Khatami clearly shows Ayatollahs double standards on Iran’s political issues. On one hand, Ahmad Khatami condemning attacks on embassies and on the other hand he tells people to continue their anger and resentment through demonstrations against west. The double standards by the Iranian authorities are also could be seen on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Furthermore, in the past, the Iranian authorities have constantly disrespected other countries leaders by calling them stupid or other improper names. There should be reaction by western world towards the Iranian authority’s behavior, because leaders of other countries have been chosen through election by people. Therefore, disrespecting other countries leaders means disrespecting people of other countries indirectly.

Mehran Riazaty: a former Iran analyst for the Central Command of the Coalition Forces in Baghdad.