Friday, February 03, 2006

Assisted women beaten up by security agents

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Several assisted women were beaten up, yesterday, by the Islamic regime's security agents who intervened in order to brutally expropriate the "Omidvar" ('Hopeful') Assistance Center located in Tehran.

Tens of these helpless women are residing in the facility but the so-called "Bonyad Mostazafan" ('Poor's Foundation') ( ) corrupt management has decided to sell the Charity Center.

Several residents were badly injured by the militiamen who wanted to throw their belongings in the street. But the resistance of the assisted females and the rush of neighbors to defend them forced the Islamic regime's security agents to retreat for now.

Some of injured residents were transferred to the nearby hospital for broken arms or noses.

The Bonyad is the biggest land and industrial owner of Iran and was created following the wave of the illegal confiscation of Iranians' assets in the aftermath of the Islamic revolution of 1979. READ MORE

The entity which is linked to the regime's Supreme leadership is as powerful and as rich as a mid seize state. It owns billions of dollars of illegitimate assets worldwide and is acting like a sponsored Mafia organization. Due to a special regulation, it's not subject to any taxation and finances the special expenses of the regime's higher leadership.

It's to note that the corruption in this foundation is high, that few years ago, the Islamic judiciary had to intervene and arrest the brother of its founder for a fraud estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. The latter named Morteza Rafighdoost, brother of the powerful founder named Mohsen Rafighdoost, was accused of having stolen, in 1997, over 200 Billions of Tomans (Iranian currency) from the Bank Saderat.

Many Iranians lost their deposits and the ruling took place in order to calm the scandal.

Condemned to life in prison, Morteza Rafighdoost was freed less than two years later for officially following a medical treatment in Sweden. There's no news about his return to Iran since then, while his middle man was called back from San Francisco to Tehran and executed upon his return. Mohsen Rafighdoost was muted from the management of Bonyad Mostazafan to the management of Bonyad Noor which is in reality a screen company for the first entity.

This Orwellian scenario took place, while, the Islamic regime is notorious for having used barbarian methods, such as, cutting fingers or hands of some desperate Iranians who stole in order to feed their hungry families.

It's believed that the execution of the middle man was to cut the possibility of any critical information to the Rafighdoost clan's illegitimate assets in N. American, Europe and in UAE.

The Bonyad intends to expropriate the Omidvar center in order to sell it, as it has done with so many confiscated factories sold to rich affiliates of the Islamic regime. The plants are then brought to the stage of bankruptcy, employees are laid off, materials are sold and the land, which is the real issue of the transaction, is sold to speculators who are often family members of clerics or individuals with close ties to the theocratic regime.