Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Iranian Solidarity Congress - June 19-20, 2006, Washington D.C.

Press Release:
World’s Conference - June 19-20, 2006, Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. – Iran is facing a very difficult situation. But Iranians living in exile can do nothing to help the Iranian people inside Iran unless there is a coming together of all factions, parties and individuals-who may differ on some particulars, but are united on the basic principles which we lay out below. We must have a permanent continuing body, chosen by Iranians, who will unify the democratic opposition.

We call upon all those who agree with the principles laid out below to come to join the Iranian Solidarity Congress (ISC) World’s Conference to be held in the Washington D.C. area on June 19-20, 2006. READ MORE

All who attend can participate in an electoral process to choose 35 members to represent all factions of the democratic opposition in a permanent body, namely, the Iranian Solidarity Council. We welcome those who want to join the preparation committee. We urge everyone to come to Washington to participate. In addition, we urge any persons who wish to be candidates for the election that will take place at the congress to submit their names and a brief description of their accomplishments to the preparation committee by June 10, 2006, so that their names can be circulated and placed on a printed ballot.

We must act now. Since the establishment of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran, the mullahs have violated the human rights of 70 million Iranians and have held the people of Iran hostage for the past 27 years. This regime has tortured and executed thousands of political prisoners, writers, journalists, and even university students. The regime has banned freedom of speech, free press, and imprisoned labor union leaders.

The leaders of this regime have been plundering Iran’s national wealth. Corruption and mismanagement have seriously damaged Iran’s economy and impoverished millions of Iranians. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never had free and democratic elections. The mullahs have banned pro-democracy political parties and all of the candidates have been selected among the members of the mullah’s mafia.

The regime has repeatedly attacked Iran’s culture and has tried to brainwash Iran’s youth and children, as young as 5 years old, with extremist Hezbollah ideology. The regime’s dangerous policies are being exported to other neighboring countries and their terrorist activities have caused Iran’s isolation and created a very dangerous situation for Iran.

While the movement to liberate Iran from the despotic mullah regime will continue to be powered by the efforts of the youth in Iran, the pro-democracy Iranians living outside Iran should participate in this important movement by working together to organize and lead the activities worldwide.

We, the signatories of this declaration believe:
  • Victory over the despotic mullah regime depends on cooperation of democratic forces and united action.
  • The Islamic Republic cannot be reformed, and the only option for liberating Iran is to replace the mullah’s regime with a democratic government.
  • The Iranian tri-color flag with the lion and sun symbol represents the unity and solidarity of Iranians.
  • Tyrannies have been replaced by democracies in many countries in recent years, and the process can be repeated in Iran.
  • The goal of the democracy movement is to liberate Iran from the tyranny of the Islamic Republic and the creation of a democratic government. The future form of government will be decided directly by Iranians in a free and fair referendum.
Since the objective is to achieve united action and not ideological unity, we the signatories of this declaration invite all organizations and individuals who agree with the above beliefs and accept the following principles to join the Iran Solidarity Congress and lead the movement to replace the Islamic Republic of Iran with a democratic government:
  • Separation of religion and state.
  • Implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Establishment of a democratic government by the people and for the people founded upon separation of powers.
  • Maintaining the territorial integrity of Iran and providing local government authorities to the cities and to the provinces.
The Iran Solidarity Congress will be based upon the cooperation of all pro-democracy groups and individuals who accept these principles and who wish to participate in organizing peaceful movements for the liberation of Iran.

We urge all democratic governments and the United Nations, including the Security Council, to support the Iranian movement for freedom and to avoid any actions that would support and appease the terrorist regime of the mullahs. With international support, the Iranian movement for freedom and democracy will succeed. The dream of Iranian youth—who have been at the forefront of the movement to live in a free society—will become a reality. A democratic Iran will be an important factor in promoting peace and stability in the region and in the world.

We invite all political groups and individuals who agree with the principles of this declaration to participate in organizing the upcoming Iran Solidarity Congress, and to attend the congress itself on June 19-20, 2006.

Long Live Iran

CONTACTS: Darr Hashempour, Ph.D., P.E. - (949) 929-0809