Saturday, June 03, 2006

Solana to Deliver Iran Proposals

BBC News:
The European Union foreign policy head will visit Iran in the next 48 hours in the latest diplomatic effort to persuade Iran to halt nuclear research. Javier Solana will deliver proposals agreed by six world powers in Vienna on Thursday, Iran's foreign minister said.

Manouchehr Mottaki said a breakthrough was possible but insisted Iran would not suspend its uranium production as a condition to talks.

He said Iran would have to study the plans before giving a formal response. READ MORE

The proposals have not been made public but sources say they could include giving Iran a nuclear reactor and an assured supply of enriched uranium.


Mr Mottaki said Iran had given the go ahead for Javier Solana to travel to Tehran in the next two days.

"We think that if there is good will, a breakthrough to get out of a situation [the European Union and US] have created for themselves... is possible," Mr Mottaki said.

However, he added: "Negotiations must be without preconditions. No condition for negotiations is acceptable, especially the condition that has been set."

The US has previously made it clear it will not enter into negotiations until Iran suspends its uranium enrichment programme.

Washington believes Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons while Tehran says its programme is for peaceful energy purposes.