Saturday, July 15, 2006

Iran's Ahmadinejad compares Israel to Hitler

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday compared the behaviour of Israel in launching an offensive against Lebanon to that of Nazi Germany.

Ahmadinejad has already received a stern rebuke from the U.N. Security Council for labelling the Holocaust, in which six million Jews died, a myth.

"Hitler sought pretexts to attack other nations," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by the ISNA students news agency at the inauguration of a Tehran road tunnel.

"The Zionist regime is seeking baseless pretexts to invade Islamic countries and right now it is justifying its attacks with groundless excuses," he added. READ MORE

Israel's four-day assault on Lebanon has killed at least 103 people, all but four of them civilians. It launched the offensive after Shi'ite Muslim Hizbollah guerrillas kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed eight.

Iran is a traditional supporter of Hizbollah. An Israeli military source said on Saturday an Iranian-made C802 radar-guided land-to-sea missile with a range of 60 miles (95 km) hit and badly damaged an Israeli ship.