Thursday, July 27, 2006

Regime-run newspaper confession: Iranian people’s rage and hatred for Hezbollah

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
The Iranian people’s rage and hatred for Hezbollah, the vicious terrorist organization and it’s Mullah masters is to the extent that even the Islamic regime’s own newspaper cannot deny it and are forced to confess to it.

The regime-run newspaper Aftab’eh Yazd in it’s phone message bank where readers of the newspaper can leave messages received messages saying: “Pray tell us, how on earth are we related to this Seyed Hassan Nasrallah whose photos have been plastered all over the country?!”

The next message is a harsh and angry criticism of collaboration with the Lebanese. Another is a military analysis that says: You call this military analysis? You claim Israel has no power to fight an exhaustive war while they’re just commencing their ground attacks!”

In another message a reader said:That money that you people will later use for reconstruction of Lebanon will be coming out of the Iranian people’s bag.”

The next message warns that the terrorist leaders better stop taking the money the Islamic regime pays them because first of all that money does not belong to the Mullahs [to dole out], but to the Iranian people and because Iranians people are wholly infuriated.

The following message says:Hassan Nassrollah, the coward is hiding out while the people of Lebanon are paying his price.”

And finally another caller says: “How dare the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Radio and Television reporters reporting from Beirut and are embedded with Hezbollah guerrillas refer to these terrorists as ‘our boys’? They’re no relation to the Iranian people; they’re cursed terrorists!”