Thursday, July 06, 2006

Solana, Larijani Meet in Brussels

Kuwait News Agency:
European Union's Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana and Iran's Chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani held on Thursday a meeting to settle the crisis relevant to Iran's nuclear file in a diplomatic manner. READ MORE

The meeting was part of European efforts to receive a reply from Iran regarding the proposal suggested by the US, UK and other nations to give Iran a set of incentives in exchange for cutting down on its nuclear activities.

In a press statement, Larijani said Tehran was serious about pursuing nuclear talks with the EU, but he did not give a response regarding the package of incentives if Iran suspends uranium enrichment.

The West fears that Iran's uranium enrichment is aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

On his part, Solana said this meeting was in preparation for an upcoming meeting on July 11 in Brussels.

Iran said it will give its final reply regarding the exchange of technological, economic and political incentives to stop its uranium enrichment activities by the end of August, but Europeans reject this "unjustifiable" delay and insist on receiving a reply during the next meeting.