Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UN spying for Hezbollah?

Alan Peters, AntiMullah:
United Nations & Hezbollah flags flying side by side at the Lebanese Observation post where four UN "observers" three from Ghana and one Chinese were reportedly killed by someone.

Reports originally stated that the observation post, which had been there for 28-years, was hit by Hezbollah rockets but anti-Israel sources quickly stated that an Israeli smart bomb had destroyed it. READ MORE

Either scenario is possible. Hezbollah could have beeen worried that the UN observers "might" (though very doubtful based on UN track record) report Hezbollah movements to the Israelis.

Africans from Ghana and a Chinese would prefer to support Israel and let down their Hezbollah neighbors among whom they had been living and toward whom they would naturally feel an affinity? Really?

Not that this familiarity would prevent the Hezbollah from wiping them out "just in case".

Equally likely though would be Israel intercepting radio traffic from the post to the Hezbollah and removing this UN spy center. Or possibly aiming fire to kill Hezbollah fighters placing themselves among the UN crew atop this hill inside th UN perimeter, whose reports on troop movements endangered the safety of Israeli forces operating in Lebanon.

Many of you have read my article here on IAEA Chief, El-Baradei betraying his own colleagues at the IAEA by removing his top inspector Chris Charlier from working on the Iran nuclear inspections and banning him from access to the Iran files in Vienna. All at the request of Iran, whom the IAEA was supposed to be monitoring, not protecting - as has been the case.

Or El-Baradei instructing Iran in the past on the details of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so as to show them how best to evade and avoid rules and regulations.

A more blatant UN comfort and aid to the enemies of Israel shows in the video below of UN Ambulances being used by Palestinian ARMED fighters to move themselves and weapons around in Gaza.

Ambulances have traditionaly been used for this purpose by Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah and the one destroyed by Israel in Lebanon recently - for which Kofi Annan complained bitterly - was probably carrying or thought to be carrying armed Hezbollah fighters.

Watch the video below and shake you head in wonder how the UN even has the nerve to pretend to be an even handed world body instead of an anti-USA, anti-Jewish center of operations.

Note: I am not Jewish myself but fairness dictates pulling UN or other unjustified anti-Jewish fallacies into the sunlight.