Thursday, August 17, 2006

German Embassy’s “illegal” activities in Tehran

Iran Press News: translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
The regime-run site Aref News wrote: "Some of the diplomats stationed in the German embassy in Tehran with inauguration of their German language training institute were plotting to exploit possible opportunities. The actions of the German embassy were unauthorized and their disregard to the residential zoning of the location has annoyed the neighbors. Under the guise of a cultural institutions and educational camouflage they were scheming to gather information and intelligence; this is of course the breeding ground for attracting the cooperation of ‘susceptible’ characters.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Islamic regime’s form of propaganda against those who they wish to castigate and penalize (in this case Germany, for pressing on with the sanctions at the U.N. Security Council) is to always discredit and label them for doing what the Islamic Republic of Iran has in fact been caught doing in other countries time and time again. It is their way of taking the focus and scrutiny away from themselves. This is a well-known tactic used by the KGB during the Soviet era.