Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anti-aircraft laser warning system built in Iran

Researchers at Malek-e Ashtar University of Technology built an anti-aircraft laser warning system for increasing the defense capability of the Iranian Armed Forces, Iran Daily reported. READ MORE

Concurrent with the second day of Sacred Defense Week (Sept. 22-28), Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar launched the warning system and said the anti-aircraft warfare capability of the Armed Forces would significantly increase in an asymmetric war.

“Developing advanced defense technologies based on a modern, efficient and indigenous model is a national and regional requirement and one of the main strategies of the Defense Ministry,“ he said.

Brigadier General Mohammad-Najjar added that the recent breakthroughs in defense industries, many of which were successfully tested during Zarbat-e Zolfaqar wargames, have resulted from valuable experiences gained during the Iraq-imposed war (1980-88).

He noted that the Iranian Army’s strength is the result of the scientific efforts, creativity and innovation of researchers at universities.

Professors and researchers at Malek-e Ashtar University of Technology, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, will equip our anti-aircraft armaments with state-of-the-art systems to deflect laser-guided bombs and missiles,“ he said.

Mohammad-Najjar stressed that the defense industry indicates Iran’s national strength, growth and development, and will meet all the technological requirements of the Armed Forces under the directives of the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.