Monday, September 25, 2006

Iranians gather at Tehran U.N. offices to protest imminent execution of 3 women by the regime; guards attack protestors and brutally batter them

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
A large number of civil and human rights activists gathered on Sunday, September 25th at 5 pm Tehran time, in front of the Tehran offices of the United Nations to protest the regime’s refusal to stop the execution of 4 women, Nazanin Fatehi, 18 years old, Kobra Rahmanpour, 25 years old, Fatemeh Haghighat-pajooh, 35 years old and Shahla Jahed, also 35.

The families of these women had requested an appointment to meet with the U.N. officials and had called for human rights and civil activists to also gather for a peaceful protest against the Islamic regime’s execution sentence for the 4 women. Hours before the gathering of the protestors, the regime’s disciplinary guards that are now a permenant fixture in every street, in every city, town and village all across Iran, along with plain-clothes secret service agents had been increased and strategically deployed; they surrounded the nearby area streets in order to minimize attendance and intimidate people from joining up with the others who would have already been there. READ MORE

Despite the presence of the disciplinary forces and plain-clothes agents, members of the families of the 4 women were able to enter UN and discuss the cases of their respective “prisoner” with the representatives of the United Nations. They also succeeded in delivering a resolution to abolish the death sentences of each woman, requesting their immediate release and return to their families, considering the significant jail time each has already served, not to mention the monetary payment each individual has paid to the families of the so-called victims of their crimes. This resolution was also promptly faxed to a large number of U.N. representative and rapporteurs in both New York and Geneva.

Outside on the street however, in the early moments, as the protestors gathered the agents and guards brutally attacked, beating the protestors; they arrested many, most of whom were women and girls, as well as several student leaders who had traveled from the city of Isfahan to take part in the protest. They were taken to a precinct in northern Tehran, close to the U.N. offices. It is reported that the guards did manage to drive away hundreds more protestors who had been seen approaching.

As the crowds who managed to get passed the guards and succeeded in joining up with the other protestors, plain-clothes agents pushed their way through the crowds that were present, threatening and menacing them with violence and bodily harm. Protestors tried to ignore the agents by chanting slogans of condemnation of exeuctions of not only the 4 women but of the Islamic regime’s constant reign of terror and intimidation by execution in general.

At this time, there is no further news of those who were arrested.