Monday, September 11, 2006

Khatami’s US Visit Hides the Clerics’ Developing War Plans ... This article published in the page 5 of the Washington Times September 11, 2006
A Message to the American People, to Pres. George W. Bush, and to the US Congress:

Before visiting the US: Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami (right) with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez Frias. Khatami is the clerics’ master of deception, who has called for Israel’s extermination, and who has been one of the principal supporters of HizbAllah and all of the Sunni and Shia terrorist groups operating against the West. He has also been party to the massive violations of human rights which characterize the clerical regime which seized power in Iran.

When it comes to strategic objectives, there is no division between Iran’s so-called “reformist” clerics, and the ravings of Ahmadi-Nejad ...

All of Iran’s clerical leaders in government already regard themselves to be at war with the West, but particularly with the US and Israel. That is why, since the collapse of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, they not only continued to support, finance, and facilitate Shia terrorist groups, but built up their support even for Osama bin Laden and his nominally Sunni al-Qaida terrorist movement: the people who gave us 9/11. But for these and other reasons, Iran’s real clerics — those who reject a political role for the mullahs and uphold the moderate virtues of Iranian society — have begun to revolt. This makes the “ruling clerics” — people like so-called Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini- Khamene‘i, former Presidents Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani and Mohammed Khatami, and incumbent President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad — put aside their competition for power in order to suppress the increasingly restive Iranian people and the truly moderate clerics who remain, essentially, frozen out of political influence.

It’s not just that the ruling clerics are holding out on nuclear weapons development. They already have a dozen or more imported nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union and from North Korea, according to authoritative intelligence sources. And they plan to use them — and the global array of terrorist forces they control — in ways which not only jeopardize the survival of Israel and the stability of the region, but which almost certainly guarantee fateful consequences for the historically great civilization of Iran. The ruling clerics work hand-in-glove not with the Iranian people, but the leadership of North Korea. Their goals are not the goals of the Iranian people; their goal is continued power and privilege for themselves, destroying Iran, Persian culture, and even discrediting Islam in the process.

The September 2006 visit to the US by so-called “reformist” former President Khatami was an attempt to lull the US public and media away from a realistic policy of support for the Iranian people in their fight for freedom and true democracy. Khatami and his colleagues, including Ahmadi-Nejad and Khamene’i, even claim to be in office as a result of democratic elections, which were, in fact, sham polls, just as the religious titles they claim are rejected by mainstream Iranian clerics. By promoting themselves to the rank of ayatollah, or hojat ol-Eslam, they are seen by the Iranian population as self-serving fakes, and called “margarine ayatollahs”: not the real thing.

The clerics are not Iran ...

The clerics, such as Khatami and his colleagues, represent only themselves, and the preservation of their privilege. Iran, one of the great historical civilizations of the world, is held captive and hostage to their personal ambition. The Iranian people ask only for international — and particularly US — signs of clear support so that they can, unaided by outside force, remove these unwanted and illegitimate clerics through popular action. We are ready to do this. Meanwhile, the current, ongoing regime military and security exercise, codenamed “The Blow of Zolfaghar”, is designed to prepare Iran for a nuclear war which it would initiate, and it is also aimed at suppressing Iranian popular dissent.

The clerics are, in fact, rallying together in fear of their own people. Does this sound like democracy or freedom?

Give us the tools — your voice of support — and we will finish the job ...

The Azadegan Foundation, led by veteran diplomat and strategist Dr Assad Homayoun (pictured right), is the umbrella leadership organization supporting all groups and individuals seeking to free the Iranian nation to democratically determine a secular future.

Azadegan asks nothing of the US people other than expressions of support. Azadegan welcomes the courageous words of President George W. Bush, who has, on many occasions spoken directly to the Iranian People. He knows that the Iranian People are the long-term friends of the US and the West, and that the “margarine ayatollahs” are not. Azadegan salutes the courage of President Bush and the many Congressmen and US officials of both major US parties who have given hope to the Iranian People. The voices of America’s leaders gives the Iranian People the heart and hope to let them reclaim their own proud country, for the good of the entire world.

A Free Iran: the Heart of Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East!

The Azadegan Foundation believes that there will be no risk to those nations giving moral and political support to Iranians in their struggle for freedom:
  • No need for covert action
  • No need for US funding or direct US military action.
What is needed from the international community is its enthusiastic, open and direct support of the Iranian people to establish democracy. We call for the international community to express support for the Iranian people who demand an end to their oppression. READ MORE

Azadegan Foundation, a registered tax-exempt, nonprofit organization [501(c)3] of Iranians and others, is dedicated to the freedom and democracy and establishment of a freely-elected secular Government in Iran. It seeks the support of all expatriates in this objective at this critical moment in Iran’s history.

Inquiries should be addressed to AzadeganFoundation PO Box 40152, Washington, DC 20016, United States of America. Fax 202-363-5985

Azadegan’s symbol is a modernistic version of the ancient Persian symbol “Faravahar”, which can still be seen on many ancient and modern buildings and structures, particularly in Persepolis. Faravahar is the essence and spirit of goodness, found in every person and thing. It has been expounded upon in the Zoroastrian religious classic, the Avesta. It is also the name of the first month of the Persian year. It symbolizes the good, and is the custodian of goodness, and the guardian of “Iran Zamin”: “Our Land”. It also symbolizes a clear-visoned being, who is the culmination of man’s quest to reach the zenith of humanity.
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