Monday, September 25, 2006

Uncovering Iran

Ardeshir Dolat:
The BBC radio 4 in Britain has started a campaign of misinformation on Iran. It is calledUncovering Iran. What is the BBC’s agenda, I wonder? On tonight’s edition broadcast at 8 pm what I heard was akin to what you would here on the regime’s state run media channels inside Iran every hour of every day! This set of misinformation is a kind of propaganda that the regime itself could not have devised any better to illustrate to the British public an image of a good regime that respects human rights, democratic principles and values on the one hand and on the other a regime which has been subjected to the unreasonable aggression of the Bush administration. I am speechless! READ MORE

On tonight’s edition the BBC gave the impression that the US has betrayed the international community by calling the Islamic regime an axis of evil when it had been cooperating with the Americans in fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The BBC interviewed a bunch of naive leftist Americans who believe America should not have any preconditions such as the regime’s halting their nuclear activities before they would engage in any direct talks. The BBC tonight very clearly painted a picture that the West has lost a golden opportunity, by America’s default, to engage with the then reformist government headed by Khatami. Had they engaged in direct talks with the regime then, who knows, may be some good would have come out of it! The BBC clearly indicated that Ahmadinejad and the fundamentalists in Iran won the last election because the Americans rejected the reformist government. I am flabbergasted! This is all coming from the BBC Radio 4, the intelligent Radio!

In the earlier editions and so far the BBC has painted the Islamic Republic a nice place to live in. No mention of the regime’s atrocities against the Iranians; no mention of the living conditions of millions of Iranians; no mention of the high number of drug addicts; no mention of the Iranian girls being sold as sex slaves to the neighbouring Arab countries; no mention of the Islamic regime being the second biggest executioner in the world after China; no mention of the hangings of children; no mention of the high level of corruption; no mention of the closure of newspapers and magazines for the slightest criticism of the regime; no mention of the thousands of prisoners of conscience; no mention of countless other breaches of basic human rights; no mention of the regime’s intentions to export their revolution to the third world Muslim countries; no mention of the regime’s military and financial support of the terrorist organisations; no mention of the…

It seems that the BBC either has not got a clue or they just love the Mullahs in Iran for some reason or another. They somehow still believe in the well-exposed and burnt reformist movement.

Well, this bit is for the BBC:

It is a tragic mistake to believe that there are some elements within the regime, who would help to soften things up for the West! It is a tragic mistake to open different accounts for different factions of the Islamic Republic regime. In essence, there are no different factions within the Islamic regime. It is foolish to believe there is! There are no differences, at least as far as the rest of the world should be concerned, between Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Mesbah-Yzdi, Ahmadinejad and any other Mullah for that matter, whether reformist or fundamentalist. Tens of Iranian dissidents were assassinated abroad during the governments of both Rafsanjani and Khatami; hundreds of newspaper and publishers were closed down during their time; countless executions took place during their terms; and many more atrocities against the Iranian people took place during their time. In fact as far as the Iranians are concerned nothing has significantly changed in the last 27 years of the Islamic republic’s tyrannical rule, regardless of which faction has been in charge. The Islamic regime is a monster with several heads: nice head, innocent head, modern head, ugly head, aggressive head, medieval head and lying head. The struggle between these Mullahs at home is only for the rein of power and all the bounties that come with it. It is all a matter of personal friendship and close associations between them: it is a mafia style system where favours must be returned. However, as far as the rest of the world should be concerned, they are all united in their main strategy, which is to establish and maintain the rule of Islam, export their Islamic revolution, and prepare and wage the Jihad on the rest of the infidel world. Therefore, whether it is the fundamentalist or the reformists in charge of the Islamic regime it should be irrelevant to the West and the rest of the world for that matter. Engage in direct talks and negotiations with these people in their own terms at your own peril!

If the International Community were united in dealing with the Mullahs, there would be little or no problem of defeating the Islamic fascism and perhaps produce a half opportunity for the repressed Iranians to get rid of this despotic regime and establish democracy in Iran. The problem seems to be that most of the 5+1 members do not seem to fully comprehend the gravity of the situation with regards to the Islamic regime and their Islamofascist terrorists’ threats to the world. What are the EU members playing at? What are the Chinese and Russians playing at? Why are the Venezuelans and Cubans and other non-Muslim countries siding with the Islamic regime against the West? In the case of the later, it always amazes me how rhetorical these leftist governments/countries are. So long as it is fighting America, that’ll do! The Islamic regime is a sworn enemy of communism. When it came to power in 1979, it executed thousands of Iranian communist supporters and activists. However, what those confused apologists must ask themselves are these questions, before taking the ridiculous decision to side with the Islamic regime: aren’t we infidels in the eyes of the Islamic regime? Don’t we all culturally engage in the same rituals and vices that are forbidden by the Islam? In a private meeting with the families of the staff of the office for the protection of Islamic regime’s interests in Washington, Ahmadinejad said this to his guests: “These people (the Americans) here are all dazed and muddled. Bring them on to the Islamic Republic’s ways. The foreign diplomats here want to make you as their models. Give them that opportunity. In this place 999 cars out of 1000 end up at the bottom of the cliff. Don’t follow them. Here is the last stop for the material world and the last stop for the pleasure and lust seeking hedonistic people.”

Strategically, the Islamic regime and its terrorists need the support of anyone they can get whether infidel or not in their fight against the strong America. These countries and apologists must be reminded that whilst they are bedfellows of the regime at the moment, at some stage in the future, themselves will all be the targets of the regime’s sponsored terrorists as the holy war is to establish the rule of Islam in the whole of the world. The regime is hard at work to develop new home made military equipments from long range missiles, fighter bombers to unmanned aircrafts/drones and announcing their successes almost on a daily basis.

It is a crucial time of our history now. The whole world must unite against the islamofascist phenomenon. It is crucial that the 5+1 explores all the avenues to reach a consensus in dealing decisively with the regime’s nuclear activities. I would even argue that since democracy and freedom has a far better prospect of being achieved in Russia and China than in Iran under the rule of the Mullahs, if any concessions are to be made by the West, these should be made to the Russians and the Chinese, not the Islamic regime – the Islamic regime after all and in essence is and should be seen as the common cultural and ideological enemy. The Russians and Chinese should be further reminded that the short-term economic gains by siding with the Islamic regime would inevitably have far greater tragic consequences not only for themselves but also for the world as a whole. As, if and when the regime obtains the capability to produce nuclear bombs, and passes them on to a few other Muslim countries as they have made it clear time and again that they would, it would be very difficult to ascertain the source of the nuclear suicide bombings that might hit the capitals of the infidel world, be it, in Europe, America or Asia. You may think it would be impossible to go through the securities with a tennis ball sized highly enriched uranium device, capable of killing ten times more people than the 9/11 atrocity and possibly crippling even more. But remember, where there is a will there is a way.

Let us not betray our next generation.
Listen to the report yourself here.