Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraq Election A Reality

Hindrocket of Powerline:
After decades of tyranny, Iraqi expatriates have already begun to elect leaders to draft a new constitution. In the photo below, seventy-year-old exile Mehsin Imgoter weeps after casting his vote at a polling place in Southgate, Michigan. Imgoter explained to a reporter that he was crying because his son, who was killed during the 1990-91 Shiite uprising, was not able to vote with him.

Here's a prediction, by the way, for what it's worth. In order to benefit the terrorists, violent acts will have to deter Iraqis from going to the polls. For the most part, attacks that take place on Sunday will be too late to achieve that objective. So I would expect the terrorists to go all-out on Saturday, not Sunday. If there are to be spectacular attacks, watch for them tomorrow.
DoctorZin: I agree with Hindrocket. Lets hope that Iran will soon experience the joy of a true and democratic state soon.