Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Democratic Momentum in the Middle East

AEI scholars continue to examine the prospects for democracy in the Middle East and to assess American public opinion on the merits and results of the war in Iraq.

The American Enterprise magazine, April-May 2005
Topic: "Democracy Breaks Out in the Middle East"

The Islamic Paradox, by Reuel Marc Gerecht
Monograph, AEI Press

What Hath Ju-Ju Wrought! by Reuel Marc Gerecht
Article in The Weekly Standard, March 14, 2005

Revolution, by Michael A. Ledeen
Article on National Review Online, March 1, 2005

Is It a Revolution or What?
Speakers: Laurent Murawiec, Michael Novak, Richard Perle, and Michael Rubin
Panel discussion, Wednesday, March 30, 10:30 a.m.-Noon

U.S. Strategy in Iraq and the Global War on Terror
Speakers: Andrew J. Bacevich and Peter D. Feaver
Seminar, March 16

Karlyn H. Bowman's Studies in Public Opinion Series includes two related poll compilations:
America after 9/11
Public Opinion on the War with Iraq

Excellent reading.