Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Workers peaceful protest turns into clash with security forces

SMCCDI (Information Service):
The today's peaceful protest action of workers of the "Bahman Plastic Co." turned into clashes as the elite forces of the Islamic regime forces attacked them in front of the Ministry of Employment located in the center of Capital.

Clubs were used against the protesters who shouted: "Regim be in bi edalati, harguez nadide mellati" (Such Unjust regime, has never been seen by any people) or "Kar, Nan, Edalat!" (Work, Bread, Justice).

Most accesses to the area had been closed before the start of the brutal attack. read more

Several workers were injured or arrested.

Discontentment is high in various Industrial, Mining and Petroleum working sectors and open letters and nightly tracts criticizing the regime or the proletariat's conditions are widely distributed. Acts of sabotage and arson are also increasing as the Islamic regime is unable to respond to workers aspirations nor to fulfill its reiterated empty promises.

Last week, several demonstrations took place in different Iranian cities, such as, in Khoram-Abad or Dezful. Hundreds of workers rallied in front of the Governors' offices by shouting slogans against the official managements of their factories and threatening of a more harsher way of action if an immediate attention is not given to their requests. The week before, in the City of Arak, tens of female workers got out of their Soaks factory and protested. They were supported by hundreds of residents who shouted slogans against the regime despite the presence of the security forces who closed the perimeters.

Hundreds of Iranian factories are shutting down due to the ill-policies of the Islamic regime and the frauds made by their governmentally nominated managers. Many of the so-called privatizations are made in order to benefit the regime's affiliates by allowing them to close the factories in order to speculate on the price of their lands.