Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Bigger Threat Than The Bomb

The Guardian UK believes that an imagined U.S. war against Iran is a greater threat to world security than a nuclear Iran.

They stated today...
once it [Iran] possessed such a capacity [a nuclear bomb] it would use it aggressively is hard to credit. Against Israel, whose response would be devastating? Against which other neighbour? Against the US, except in the event of an American invasion, and then only on the invading forces? The conclusion must be that an Iranian weapon might constrain Israel and the US a little in their dealings with Iran, but it would not threaten them or anybody else.
But the Guardian forgets the many statements that Iran's leaders have made to destroy America, the obstacle standing in the way of the Iran's vision for the world.

Rafsanjani the new darling of the mainstream media has said:
"We have some scores with America that must be settled one day." The NY Post.

"The Islamic Republic must get ready for confrontation against the enemy’s attack by answering its offensive right in its heartland." Iran Press Service.
There are many scenarios in which Iran could, using its terrorist proxies armed with nuclear weapons, attempt to decapitate the U.S. Lacking a clear smoking gun it would be difficult to prove that Iran was behind the attack. It would appear the Guardian would be among those calling for American restraint after such an attack.

The Europeans have less to fear of a nuclear Iran, immediately.

What is surpising is that they seem oblivious to the idea that the U.S. could easily switch to a regime change policy towards Iran. One wonders why the Guardian left out this option?