Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reports of Iranians voting in the US

Robert Mayer of PublisPundit has just released his length and valuable report on the polling station in Tuscon. It includes photos and a fascinating with the poll watcher and his views of America.

Will of Willisms produced a two similar reports from Houston, Texas. One, Two. Photos included.

Finally, SMCCDI published a report of their success in closing down the LA polling station.
Aryo B. Pirouznia, the SMCCDI Coordinator, and several other Iranian political activists were wounded by Islamists and mercenaries hired by Islamic republic regime. These aggressions took place, yesterday, in front of Commerce Hotel located in the City of Los Angeles.

Pirouznia and several colleagues, such as, Firoozeh Ghafarpoor, Morad Moalem, Dokhi Abdi and Nasrin Mohamadi were admitted to the emergency service of Beverly Hospital as suffering of extensive use of pepper gas and wounds inflicted by regime's mercenaries.

Tens of Sheriffs, Policemen and FBI agents rushed to the area along with several paramedic and firefighting crews. This quick deployment avoided more harm to the activists and the immediate closure of the illegal ballot box in this only Los Angeles location.

Arrests of some of brutal agents have been made and legal complaints are to be introduced against the hotel, security company hired by Islamic regime and the theocratic regime itself.

Reporters of several local TV stations and news agencies, such as, Fox News, Channel 5, Reuters and AP covered the fiasco witnessed by the regime which had deployed several Iranian agents and members of a Mexican gang.

Other clashes have been reported from cities, such as, San Jose (CA), Toronto (Canada) and Frankfurt (Germany) where activists were attacked by regime's men and mercenaries. Canadian police and government had to intervene in order to get the release of a freedomfighter held captive by regime's 'diplomats' inside its embassy.

Tens of other protest demos took place in most N. American and European cities where the regime had organized ballot boxes. These actions were made in support of Iranians who boycotted massively the sham Presidential 'elections'.