Sunday, August 21, 2005

Islamic regime tightens its control over military forces

SMCCDI (Information Service):

The Islamic regime is increasing its preparation for its last stand against the Iranian Nation and the world community. Several commanders of the regime's Pasdaran Corp. (Revolutionary Guards) have been changed on the Supreme Leader's instruction.

Generals Mohammad-Ali Jaffari and Ahmad Kazemi have been nominated, today, to two key posts which will allow a better control of the Pasdaran Corp. by the clerical leadership. Already most members of Ahmadi-Nejad's cabinet's are former heads of these ideological and brutal forces or various intelligence circles.

The changes are taking place at a time that the Pasdaran and Bassij para-military forces are to increase their control over the less trusted regular army and Police forces.

More changes and appointments are expected to take place in days ahead.