Sunday, September 11, 2005

People dying of thirst in the port city of Kenaarak

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi
Jam'eh Jam, one of the regime's newspapers reports: "The report that divulged the lack of drinking water in the port city of Kenaarak, in the Province of Sistan & Baluchistan received widespread notice. Following the report, one of the deputies of the president, the Director of the Management and Planning Organization as well as the Minister of Energy traveled to Kenaarak, however the residents of Kenaarak are still thirsty."

In spite of $50 million worth of investment, ten years ago by the regime, there is still no sanitary drinking water. The money which was spent on a water purifying system that was meant to provide both the towns of Kenaarak and Chahbahar with drinking water, has become a big puzzle and even bigger headache for the regime as after 10 years, there are no experts who are familiar with the water purifier's operating system!

The head of the town council of Kenaarak even took the authorities of the regime's operations in this matter, to task demanding an answer or a solution to this problem. At present water is being distributed by tanker trucks however that does not even meet the needs of one third of the town's citizens. As a result, the desperate people of the town have to either resort to drinking the salty water underground or the polluted waters of the sewers.