Saturday, September 17, 2005

Secularists protest in front of Islamic regime's office at UN

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Several Iranian political activists gathered, yesterday afternoon, in front of the building which is hosting the Islamic Republic regime's Representation Office at the UN, in order to protest against its tyrannical and terrorist rule. This office which benefits of diplomatic immunity is located at the 34th floor of the building located at 622 on Third Avenue (junction of 40th Street) in New York. READ MORE

The activists were members of the "Iran UN Protest 2005" (IUNP2005) Coalition which includes several secularist groups, such as, SMCCDI which was the organizer of the today's action.

Slogans, such as, "34th floor, House of Terror", "This House of Terror, Must be Closed", "Down with Islamic Republic", "Down with Terrorist", "He He Ho, Islamic Republic Must Go" and "Down with Ahmadinejad" were shouted for several hours in front of the building.

Informative discussions were made between tens of concerned Americans and members of the IUNP2005 Coalition Group, such as, the SMCCDI's Coordinator. Flyers denouncing Islamic regime's persistent human rights' abuses in Iran and its involvement in terrorist activities were distributed to tens of Americans and foreign tourists who often echoed the slogans.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) had mobilized several officers and security patrol cars in order to avoid any harm made to freedom fighters by some of the nervous staff of the Islamist office.

The IUNP2005 Coalition's activists are planning to protest again on Saturday September 17th , from 06:00 PM till 10:00 PM, in front of the "Hilton Hotel" located at 6th Avenue (between 53rd and 54th streets) New York, NY 10019 (tel. 212-586-7000).

The Islamic regime has organized a gala in honor of its terrorist and murderer President to which several foreign guests have been invited.

Several other actions have been taken place in the last days by the IUNP2005 Coalition, such as, a massive gathering in front of the UN and in front of the Islamic regime's Ambassador's residence.

The massive presence of Iranian activists and their American supporters has tarnished the regime's propaganda policy and has shed the light of hope in many Iranians' mind.