Friday, March 24, 2006

Iran stages war games near Iraq border

Iran Focus: a pro-MEK website
Islamist militiamen affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps have launched military exercises near the Iraqi border to “deal with possible unrest”, Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported. READ MORE

Members of the paramilitary Bassij force staged military exercises in the western town of Dehloran. The paramilitary forces attacked dummy enemy sites during the operation.

The objective of the military exercises here is to raise the level of readiness of the Bassij forces”, said Alireza Bazdar, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in Dehloran. “Our forces were able to capture the positions taken by the enemy and destroy the enemy forces”.

This will help us prepare ourselves to deal with possible outbreaks of unrest with force and determination, Bazdar said.

The Revolutionary Guards and the Bassij have been staging a series of military and security exercises in Tehran and its suburbs since February.