Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Foreign Secretary's Statement On Iran Nuclear Program

Press Office, Downing Street:
"I am seriously concerned about President Ahmadinejad's statement. It is contrary to repeated requests by the IAEA Board and now by the Security Council that Iran resume full and sustained suspension of all enrichment and reprocessing activities, including research and development. The Iranian regime must demonstrate by its words and actions that it is not seeking nuclear weapons. The latest Iranian statement further undermines international confidence in the Iranian regime and is deeply unhelpful.

"The Director-General of the IAEA will visit Tehran today and will then report back to the Security Council at the end of the month. If Iran does not comply, the Security Council will discuss further diplomatic measures. I call upon Iran to suspend its activities, begin the process of building confidence, and get back into negotiations. We will remain in close contact with our international partners, whose strong reactions show the depth of international concern there is about Iran's activities."

Jack Straw