Thursday, April 06, 2006

More innocent journalists sentenced to Mullah prisons

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
Student Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners

Based on received reports, the two journalists from the weekly magazine, TAMADON'EH HORMOZGAN, 19-year-old satirist Elham Afroutan and her colleague Mohsen Dorostkar will be indicted on Tuesday, May 9th in revolutionary court branch 26 presided by Mullah judge Hadod; the charges are insulting the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ruhollah Khomeini and taking action against the security of the order of the ruling regime. Prior to this move to the revolutionary court, the public court was in charge of the case, however that was deemed to be an unfit venue for the prosecution of the defendants.

Afroutan and Dorostkar were arrested were arrested in their offices located in the southern city of Bandar Abbass on January 23rd and after 10 days of detention were transferred to Evin prison in Tehran. Afroutan is being held in the women's ward of Evin.

Several weeks ago, the regime's security and judiciary authorities had spoken of releasing Afroutan who had been put through weeks of brutal interrogations as well as obscene and horrific physical and mental torture; however after a forced and deceptive televised confession, not only was 19-year-old Afroutan not released, her indictment became a high priority and more charges were leveled against her.
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