Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reza Pahlavi Offers Senators Three-Pronged Approach on Iran

Yahoo News:
Hosted by US Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Mel Martinez (R-FL) Reza Pahlavi of Iran affirmed the world needed to focus on the big picture regarding the crisis facing his homeland, proposing an integrated three- pronged policy approach to the clerical regime of Iran. Offering his views to US law makers, he said "the best way to deal with the Iranian regime is by confronting it, pressuring it, at the same time supporting the Iranian people."

Elaborating on his three point policy recommendation, the Iranian opposition leader said "Where ever the regime is up to mischief, it needs to be confronted." Prefacing his second point by emphasizing that meaningful pressure needed to be applied on the regime in such a way as to avoid hurting the Iranian people, he prescribed "a progressive set of smart and vigorous sanctions targeted at the economic, political and personal interests of the regime's inner circle and power base." The third and what he referred to as the most critical point of his policy recommendation was the need for the "free world to provide unapologetic and robust support for the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people."

Rejecting war as a policy option, the former jet fighter pilot said, "the option of war must be taken off the table." Pronouncing "endless diplomacy" as equally ineffective, he said "it has been fruitlessly pursued, with the full weight, backing and prestige of the European Union, Russia, the UN and the United States for several years now, only resulting in the clerical regime's inching closer to its objectives of acquiring WMDs." Pahlavi reminded his audience that the Iranian regime had been dangerously emboldened by "the lack of resolve it has seen amongst practitioners of international diplomacy on Iran." READ MORE

Agreeing that war was not an option, Senator Santorum said, of Reza Pahlavi: "He is a leading and enthusiastic advocate of the principals of freedom, democracy and human rights for his countrymen;" adding that "Reza Pahlavi has upheld the honor of his country in a time of upheaval and darkness."

Marking the second of such appearances, in recent days, Reza Pahlavi was joined, last week, by Senator Brownback (R-KS) and Congressman Sherman, (D-CA) at a press event, at which the forty six year old Iranian leader introduced torture victims and former political prisoners of the Iranian regime converged in Washington to protest the U.S. tour of former Islamist President Khatami. At that event, Senator Brownback introduced the "Iran Human Rights Act," while Congressman Brad Sherman criticized the Bush administration's approval of Khatami's visit, calling it an appeasing concession to the clerical regime of Iran.

Earlier this summer, as part of his continuous campaign against the clerical regime, Reza Pahlavi was received at the French National Assembly where he addressed over 40 French lawmakers, pressing them and other senior policy makers on issues relating to the democratic movement in his homeland.

Asked what role he envisioned for himself, Reza Pahlavi said "my function is that of a catalyst -- raising global attention to our national plight, and helping bring the Iranian opposition together." He added "my goal is to enable my compatriots to participate in an all inclusive, transparent national election, beyond this regime, whereby they can choose their form of government; beyond that, should the Iranian people embrace my vision of a secular, modern and democratic system of constitutional government, I will be honored to serve."

Leading a campaign of political defiance against the militant Islamist regime of Iran, Reza Pahlavi is the former Crown Prince of Iran. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force training program, has a political science degree from the University of Southern California and has authored Winds of Change, The Future of Democracy in Iran. He is married and is father to three daughters.
A Press Release from Reza Pahlavi.