Monday, March 07, 2005

Secularist opposition to gather in "Coalition Coordination Council For Ending the Islamic Regime"

SMCCDI (Information Service) a major announcement by Iranian expatriates in support of a real democracy in Iran:
Tens of respected leaders and well known activists supporting Iran's secular-democratic and nationalist opposition will gather, on Sunday March 13th, in order to form the "Coalition Coordination Council For Ending the Islamic Regime."

Opposition figures representing various Iranian political organizations, ranging from republican to monarchist, will be traveling from all parts of the U.S. and European cities to participate in this meeting, which will be the prelude to the announcement of the long awaited "Iranian Opposition Council." read more

Many more have registered, or are applying for U.S. visas in order to attend the second meeting which is to take place by mid April in Washington DC.

This inclusive coalition is based on experiences gained by millions of Iranians and their expressed aspirations.

Discussions, on March 13th, will include fundamental principles, such as:
  • Respect of the territorial integrity of Iran;
  • Separation of religion and state; Respect of human rights;
  • Increased civil disobedience;
  • Obtaining international support to put an end to the Islamic regime;
  • The need for a religion free transitional government;
  • And, finally and after the downfall of the Theocracy a "genuine" referendum on the choice of the future Iranian secular political structure
are some of the main objectives of this platform which will be broadcast live worldwide and by several Persian satellite TV channels.

The news of this long time discussed platform and its plan for the freedom of Iran has already rallied Iranians inside Iran who have heard of it in the last few days, by viewing "XTV or Pars TV Network." Hundreds of calls made from Iran, to NITV or XTV or Pars TV, have flooded many talk shows by Iranians welcoming this news and some crying and qualifying it as God's gift for the Iranian New Year that starts on March 20th. The welcoming from inside would have been much higher if the popular NITV's program wouldn't have stop for Iran due to financial problems.

Some other callers have qualified the meeting as a responsible action in order to put a stop to another demagogy in process.

It is noteworthy that many worried Iranians believe that some circles affiliated to some foreign powers are ready to impose them an Afghan or Iraqi scenario by involving former members or theoreticians of the Islamic regime. This fear is based on and emanates from the sad experience of eight years of foreign promoted sham reforms and Khatami's deceptive and bloody years.

Increased fear surfaced recently when some Khatamists and well known unscrupulous individuals, who are offering themselves as opposition members, have resorted to promoting a founder of the Islamist militia, some members of a religious and regime promoted student body and former notorious Khatamists as the conceivers of a so-called call for constitutional referendum.

Many Iranians are seeing once again a clear indication that some are trying to attach to their legitimate aspirations and deviate the course of their action. They suspect the controversial group of wishing just to save part of the regime by making esthetical changes to the current constitution instead of freeing totally Iran from any future religious interference in the affairs of state. They do especially remember how while they were asking for freedom, and later calling for a genuine and very transparent referendum on the choice of a future secular political structure, these very same so-called conceivers were deeply involved in the creation and protection of the regime and how they tried to induce them to error by promoting the sham "reforms from within".

It's the popular knowledge of such controversies and astonishing mixtures that have been the main cause of the unsuccessful so-called national call for referendum from one side, and the increase of popular aspiration to see the creation of a committed and principled secularist opposition council to propose a transparent plan to free Iran and organize a genuine referendum on the other side.

The March 13th meeting of the "Coalition Coordination Council For Ending the Islamic Regime" will be held at the Hilton Hotel located in Woodland Hills (California).

Information: (818) 344-3555
I have been asked to attend. I know many of the participants and they are unusually united. I will report my findings. Let's hope they can generate the support the people of Iran need.