Monday, May 30, 2005

How Your Blog Can Join the Campaign

Thanks for your interest in supporting the campaign.

To join the campaign, please do the following three things.

First, place the campaign banner below in the sidebar of your blog. For the code, click here.

Second, send us an email with your name, blog url (so we can add it to our "Blogs for Real Democracy in Iran" blog roll. If you publish content that might be relevant to our campaign, please describe it. To send us an email, click here!.

Third, post news relevant to both your readers and Iranian readers. Since Iran filters out blogs like mine, any help you can provide by discussing news stories that might be of interest to your readers would be appreciated. While the Iranian government may be able to block Iranian readers inside of Iran, it is nearly impossible for the regime to block all blogs.

We are working on a variety of methods to get news inside of Iran.

If you have any suggestions to circument their efforts or help our campaign or any other suggestions, please send them click here!

Sign up for our newsletter. As this campaign grows we will have more specific oportunites to support these efforts. Let us keep you informed. Simply add your email address below.