Monday, May 30, 2005

Join the "Blogosphere Supports Real Democracy in Iran" Campaign

Why should the Blogosphere support Real Democracy in Iran?
The next few weeks in Iran may prove critical to the efforts of the pro-democracy forces there.

On June 17th, Iran has scheduled its Presidential elections and as the LA Times said recently:
It was already one of the most important elections in the world this year. It now also promises to be one of the most watched.
This time the world will see for itself that the elections in Iran are a fraud. The regime permits only those candidates that support the present regime to run. As Amir Taheri says, the outcome of the election is certain. The Supreme Leader of Iran will remain in complete control, the Presidency is meaningless. But the regime needs a high voter turnout to fool the world community that they are the legitimate representatives of the people.

This is why the people of Iran are boycotting the election as they did in the last Parliamentary election. They want a real democracy. But this time the world media will be watching. We need to make sure the world is watching.

Those of us in the blogosphere need to publish the news on Iran in order to help Iranians searching for news know that we support their efforts to replace the existing regime with a real democracy. This is why we ask you to publish our campaign logo on your blog.

Why republish the news? Because the regime is blocking access to most major news sites and the blogosphere is a means to frustrate their efforts. It is also important for the people of Iran to know that people around the world are standing with them in their struggle. This support has proved invaluable to others that successfully overthrew their oppressive regimes in other places around the world, such as Georgia, the Ukraine, Lebanon and elsewhere.

This struggle will likely not end on June 17, but has the opportunity to pick up steam over the coming weeks and months. There will almost certainly be a run off election and a few weeks later a major anniverserary of a bloodly crackdown of pro-democracy forces there. There has never been a more volitatle situation in the Islamic Republic that that it faces this summer. Now is the time to act.

An internal regime change is the best of all possible solutions to the situation inside of Iran. As Amir Taheri points out, the EU3/Iran negotiations will never produce the solution needed to resolve the Iranian nuclear threat and a military strike on Iran is exactly what the regime is hoping for.

The oppressive regime in Iran is not only a threat to its own people but also the the the world community. The war on terror will never end as long as the present Iranian regime remains in place. The U.S. State Department:
Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2004. Its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Ministry of Intelligence and Security were involved in the planning and support of terrorist acts and continued to exhort a variety of groups to use terrorism in pursuit of their goals. ...
Fortunately, there is still time to help the Iranian people.

The Iranian people despise their current government and most want to replace it with a real democtracy. As Slater Bakhtavar recently pointed out:
a mere five to ten percent support for the mullahs and eighty-five percent support for a secular democratic government.
Desire for democracy in Iran today can be compared to a smoldering fire. It just needs a little air and it will burst into flame and comsume the fear of its people. For years now the Iranian people have been pleading for the world to pay attention and support its struggle for a real democracy to replace its current government.

For most of the past 26 years the world community has been blind and silent to cries of the Iranian people. But today the winds of change are blowing around the word. Totalitarian governments around the world are transforming into democracies where people are free to choose their leaders and their destinies. The Iranian people have noticed these changes and are pleading for the world to support them in this struggle.

We can you help the Iranian people in their quest for a real democracy in several ways.

The people of Iran need:

  • To know that they are not alone.
  • That western democracies are standing with them.
  • Training in how to bring down the regime.
  • Communication with the outside world.
  • News of demonstrations and unrest inside of Iran.
  • The dismantling of international financial support for the regime.
  • And much more.
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