Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mr. "R": A Candidate with a Record!

Iran va Jahan reminds the western media that former Iranian President Rafsanjani has "a record." While the Europeans vainly hope that Rafsanjani will transform himself into a "pragmatic moderate," writer Shaheen Fatemi reminds us what his record consists of.
If there is one person who should be held totally responsible for every major decision that has been taken by this regime for the past 26 years, that person is Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He has been in charge from day one and has not let go with control of power for one day. While Khomeini was alive, he held many influential positions such as speaker of the parliament and he was always the main manipulator of the old man.

When Khomeini died Mr. Rafsanjani was elected as president in 1989 and re-elected in 1993. After 8 years, because of term limitation, he could not run again but he refused to retire. Instead, he invented a new office for himself which in effect placed him in control of real power. This new position was chairmanship of the ‘Council of Expediency” which was supposedly there to resolve any disagreement between the Majlis (the parliament) and the “Guardian Council.” In other words, the newly created body, headed by Mr. R. has had the final say!

In short, Mr. “R” is the embodiment of every aspect and every action of the Islamic Republic and therefore, responsible for its wrong doings. Unfortunately no one inside the country is able to raise any charges against this candidate. One very courageous journalist, Akbar Ganji, who in a very limited manner tried to do some investigative reporting about the Rafsanjani Financial Empire, has been rotting in solitary confinement for the past four years.

The following list is only a partial and incomplete summary of charges related to the three areas of violation of human rights, practice and encouragement of terrorism and identification with corruption that are often associated with Mr. Rafsanjani:READ MORE

1. Violation of Human Rights
1. Mass killings of political prisoners
2. Political serial killings in Iran
3. Holding thousands of political prisoners
4. Political oppression against the opposition
5. Jailing of Akbar Ganji and other dissident journalist who tried to expose his corrupt practices.
6. Oppression of religious minorities
7. Suppression of civil liberties
8. Censorship and closure of publications
9. Gross violation of women’s rights
10. Jamming satellite TV and radio stations
2. Practice and Encouragement of International and Domestic Terrorism
1. Involvement in terrorist activities in the Middle East, Europe and Argentina
2. Playing a key role in the 1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444 days.
3. Murdering of journalists and other opponents
4. Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public
5. Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran
6. Intimidation of opponents and forcing them to flee the country resulting in millions of Iranian refugees throughout the world.
7. Pursuit of weapons of mass destruction
8. Engaging in xenophobic and anti-somatic oratory as “temporary Friday-Prayer leader.”
3. Involvement in Massive Corruption
1. Amassing a phenomenal personal fortune from corrupt practices and transfer of funds abroad.
2. Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction.
3. Expropriation of private property
4. Setting up phony foundations for personal gains
5. Setting up phony corporation for receiving stolen government property and contracts.
6. Engaging in fraudulent privatization schemes for private gains
In a free and democratic society any politician faced with such a long list of accusations would be answering charges in a court of law and if convicted serving time in jail instead of running for the highest office in land.
Please forward a copy of this report to the mainstream media. Perhaps someone will be willing to rethink this senseless yet popular wave of enthusiasm for Mr. Rafsanjani.