Monday, May 30, 2005

Stand with the Iranian People!

Join the Campaign.
You can start by writing or calling your Congressman asking them to support the legislation currently in congress. These bills need cosponsors and hearings as soon as possible. The legislation will provide a dramtic statement to the Iranian people that our government supports their efforts and provides funding to support them, click here.

Visit your favorite blogs and and encourage those not yet part of the campaign to join us.

Adopt an Iranian blogger. There are a great many Iranian bloggers (many on the list have been shutdown). Many of these bloggers have had little contact with the rest of the world and often feel alone in their struggle. These bloggers come from a wide variety of political and religious perspectives. You may find yourself engaged in a variety of fasciating discussions. But most important, let them know that there are many who support their efforts.

Write the main stream media. When you read news stories that assume our only options are appeasement of the Iranian regime or military action, remind the of the options of supporting the Iranian people's struggle to replace their present government with a real democracy.

Support our efforts financially, so we can provide greater support to the Iranian people. This site is a labor of love, the result of our love for freedom, democracy and the Iranian people. I personally spend 8-12 hours a day on this and I could use the kind of financial support many assume we have. Each day the volume of news we need to review grows and I wish I had more time to dedicate to this work. If you can help us, click below. If you know organizations that would consider helping us, email me.

Sign up for our newsletter. As this campaign grows we will have more specific oportunites to support these efforts. Let us keep you informed. Simply add your email address below.