Friday, September 09, 2005

What could the decrepit wolf, Ahmadinejad, have to say at the U.N.

Mehrdad Haydarpour, Iran Press News: [political prisoner - Evin Prison - Tehran]

The sorrowful sky of Iran in the darkness of total oppression perceives it's days darker than a hazy night and the decrepit and depraved wolf strives to display himself in the innocent lamb's skin. What could the decrepit wolf, Ahmadinejad, have to say at the U.N.?

Is he going to speak of the young whose youth have been tattered in the dark dungeons of a regime which has come to power by the razor-sharp edge of subjugation?

Will he tell the world of terrorism and the mass graves of those who were slaughtered by his regime? Will he talk about the rule of the Mullahs' who have bestowed no gift on Iran and Iranians other than horror, death and mayhem?

Truly, what could he possibly have to say and what speech could he deliver?

Ahmadinejad who is elbow-deep in blood and carnage is now partnering with the so-called Islamic regime, pretending and deceiving the world so that his master, in his hellish fortress, drunk with hubris, can eagerly continue his murderous designs against the people of Iran.

What could a regime that over a 26 year reign has been the cause for the disillusionment of the youth, bondage of the people of Iran, displacement and destitution of [our] free-thinkers throughout the world and imprisonment of the freedom-fighters, want, now, at the center of humanity's platform? And what possible distinction can he offer for his worthiness to represent the people of Iran? As if anything remains on Iran's impoverished and fleeced table and as if the regime has passed up anything for their representative, claiming legitimacy, to convey to the United Nations?

People of the world and oh you who have been chosen by your people as their vicegerents to that international assembly to speak of peace, brotherhood, tolerance, philanthropy and liberty for humanity: compose an anthem and know that this representative of the Islamic regime is nothing but an executioner whose rhetoric will taint your surroundings.

We, a group of political prisoners of Evin Prison would like to call your attention to the the measureless massacres and incomprehensible crimes against humanity committed by this regime, in hopes that you will forbid this vile and immoral person from entering that building; show us and the entire world, by any means necessary, that in a century of peace and brotherhood, there is no room for these kinds of criminals.

We would like to request that you affirm your solidarity with the subjugated people of Iran who have endured 26 years of oppression and the sacrificed generations of freedom-fighters.

We humbly thank all of you who will gather in front of the United Nations in order to expose the calamity and treachery of the criminal regime of the Mullahs; we invite all of you to stand tall against this regime of evil-doers.

Hoping for the success of the people of Iran and the dawning of a bright and clear day for freedom

September 8th, 2005